Due to restrictions around Corvid-19, Rose Hill Community Centre is currently unable to host classes.  We've been in close contact with them and we are hopeful of being able to re-start our Friday Flamenco classes at some point in October.  As soon as we have a definite date we will be announcing it on this site and on our social media pages.  

ADULT CLASSES on FRIDAY evenings at Rose Hill Community Centre, Oxford.  For more information, times/ prices follow the link below to the Flamenco Academy website.  New students are welcome to join our classes at any point.  To contact the teacher please follow the link to the Flamenco Academy, Oxford classes, website:



These classes are for people who haven't danced Flamenco before or less than one year.  The classes are enjoyable and fun. You will learn Flamenco dance technique, style, steps, posture, arms and hands, footwork and a complete Flamenco dance suitable for this level. 

The choreography for this class is TANGOS



Suitable for people who have danced Flamenco for at least a 1 year, in this class you'll be working on improving your all round Flamenco dance technique, style and steps. 

The choreography for this class is SEVILLANAS 


Suitable for dancers with a minimum of 2 years and above Flamenco dance study. This class  covers more advanced dancing building a strong technique with more challenging choreography.

The choreography for this class is ALEGRIAS

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6 week Flamenco Guitar Course

Friday 17 January - 21 February

Our Flamenco courses are run in conjunction with our dance classes and are also held at Rose Hill C.C. (see address and directions below).  Taught by Camino del Flamenco's head guitarist, Matt Sullivan, these classes teach the basic techniques needed to play flamenco guitar, razguedo, arpeggio, picado etc.

You will also learn the chord shapes and some of the theory behind flamenco concentrating on the altered Phrygian mode and introduced to the different palos (styles of song) used in flamenco with the emphasis on the rhythms necessary for accompanying dancers.  As part of this course you will have the opportunity to play for dancers.

To join this course you must have a reasonable ability to play guitar including playing open chords with confidence, as well as an understanding of scales. The ability to read a chord chart would be beneficial, though not essential as all chords will be demonstrated. Sight reading is not necessary but some transcriptions could be made available if requested. Notes for all the sessions will be available weekly.  You will need a flamenco or classical guitar.

A  capo and a footstool would be useful though not essential.  The tutor is happy for students to record or film any demonstrations for further personal study.

TIMES: 5.30pm - 7.30pm

PRICES: £70 for full 6 week course or £15 weekly

TO BOOK: Contact Camino del Flamenco office via the Contacts page of this website



Our adult Flamenco dance classes in Oxford are held in probably the best dance studio in Oxford!  On the 1st floor of the newly built, multi-million pound Rose Hill community centre you find a lovely, large, square modern dance studio with a fully sprung floor, full length mirrors on one wall, large windows, lockers, a room for changing, a seated waiting area, large loos and a ground floor cafe.

For directions to the Rose Hill Community Centre please follow this link:

There is a large, free car park in front of Rose Hill Community Centre as well as additional free parking on the road. There is also secure, dedicated bike parking. There are very frequent buses (every 8-10 minutes) from the centre of Oxford to Rose Hill via the Iffley Road and the journey time from Cornmarket is around 10-15 minutes, depending on traffic and time of day.  

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