Workshops - why bother?

StartFragment Flamenco is one of those dance forms where your enjoyment increases, the more you know. With more knowledge, understanding, skill and confidence, you find each class a more joyful and fulfilling experience. Learning is gradual in Flamenco. You may feel as if you have climbed a little hill (or maybe for you it felt more like a mountain) one week, then maybe you stay on a plateau for a while and then you realise you've just climbed another hill. We encourage people to come to class regularly but we know that there will always be people who just can't attend regularly, no matter how much they might want to. Family life, work life and other commitments sometimes get in the way o

Something amazing

Everyone should do something amazing at least once a year. Something that challenges you, excites you and something that you'll remember for years to come. It would be pretty amazing to travel to Spain and take a Flamenco dance course in the home of Flamenco during the Feria. In May Flamenco Holidays are running an extraordinary Flamenco dance holiday where you have a class every day with Ana Dueñas León and after go to the Feria de los Caballos where you can dance, drink and have a wonderful time to your heart's content. If you read my blog "Dancing Sevillanas - a sad tale" and imagine you're anyone other than Daphne, you'll have a pretty good idea of what your holiday will be like. But

Or prepare to fail....

There's a saying you probably know - "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail" and I've always found that to be true. Anything that's worth doing well needs to be prepared for. Way before I set foot in the dance studio I've prepared my class. It's not some type of coincidence that the class spends 15 minutes learning a footwork exercise which then turns out to blend seamlessly into an existing part of the dance they learned the week before! Preparing the class allows me to spend time thinking about what my students needs most from their classes and how I can help them to be the best dancers they can be. Yes, I like it to be enjoyable - people learn more when they're enjoying the

Dance steps - the big 5

Dance steps. Learning them, practising them, knowing them, understanding them. Anyone who attends dance classes, workshops or short courses of any type (not just Flamenco dance) will know what a massive and important subject this is. And yet, so few people seem to talk about it. Often the publicity for dance classes makes it sound as if all you have to do is attend the class and you will, as if by magic, be able to learn and master the steps almost at once. If you're ever been to a dance class then you’ll know that sadly, this just isn’t true. Believe me, dance teachers wish it was true. All the planning, hard work and effort which goes into trying to teach and inspire your class, so you

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