A dance workshop concentrates on a particular dance or dance skill and can be a great way to learn a dance or perfect your dance skills. Our workshops are run in central Oxford on Saturday afternoons.

If you can't attend weekly Flamenco dance classes, but you really enjoy Flamenco these workshops are perfect.  They are friendly and accessible, with plenty of dancing, lots of inspiration and you'll come away feeling that you've had a great time! See the bottom of this page for details and directions to the dance studio .



Owing to current restrictions around the Corvid-19 outbreak, we have decided to re-schedule all workshops for 2020.  We are planning to re-schedule these workshops for early 2021. Details and dates will be posted here once they are confirmed.


In these workshops you can learn Sevillanas from start to finish or improve and polish your existing Sevillanas skills. Sevillanas is enjoyable to learn. It's danced in partners (as friends, family members or couples) and has 4 verses with repeating steps and style.  These workshops are run over several weekends so everyone will have the opportunity to perfect their Sevillanas skills and knowledge. 

These workshops will be taught in the dance studio at Rose Hill Community Centre, Oxford (address, details and directions at the bottom of this page)  

Level 1: is suitable for people who have not learned Sevillanas before (or only dance a little, maybe just verse 1) so the teaching will be slower and we'll go over the basics more.

Level 2: is suitable for people who know most or all of the verses but are rusty, under-confident and would benefit from polishing all verses.  Teaching goes faster and there's greater emphasis on style and technique.

Sunday 22 March (1.30pm to 3.30pm) – Sevillanas workshop Level 1

This 2 hour workshop will teach and perfect verse 1 and teach verse 2)  Price: £15


Sunday 29 March (1.30pm to 3.30pm) – Sevillanas Workshop Level 2

This 2 hour workshop will strengthen all verses, addressing any problem areas Price: £15


Saturday 2 May -  Sevillanas Workshop (both Level 1 & Level 2)

Level 1 (11.30am to 2.00pm) This 2.5 hour workshop will perfect verses 1/ 2 and teach verses 3 /4 Price: £18

 Level 2 (2.00pm to 4.30pm) This 2.5 hour workshop will polish/ perfect steps and style of all 4 verses) Price: £18

For more information or to register please get in touch using the form on the CONTACTS page of this website.  Once you have registered we will confirm your place via email.  You can either pay by BACS in advance or in cash on the day and we strongly advise you to book your workshop place in advance as we expect all workshops to be fully booked. 



One of the best dance studios in Oxford!  On the 1st floor of the newly built, multi-million pound Rose Hill community centre the large, light modern dance studio has a fully sprung floor, mirrors on one wall, air conditioning, lockers, a seated waiting area, large loos and a ground floor cafe.  There is also a large, free car park at the centre and it's on a main bus route (No. 3 bus) which runs through the centre of Oxford, up Iffley Road every 10 minutes.

.  For directions to the Rose Hill Community Centre please follow this link:


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