“What’s the right level of class for me?” 

All teaching is level appropriate so it's important to come to the right class. 

The Beginner/Improvers classes are slower and repeat steps, breaking them down and making sure you understand the steps, the technique and the style. 

The Elementary/Intermediate classes are faster and the teacher assumes you already know basic steps, rhythms and style and have been dancing Flamenco for longer.  This class learns more complex choreography, more challenging technique and style to help you develop Flamenco dance skills. 

“Do I need to register in advance or can I just turn up?” 

Our classes are very popular and busy so we always prefer students to contact us in advance so we can let you know if we have space in the class and gives you the opportunity to discuss any queries you have with us.

We make sure you know what to wear to the classes and what you'll need to bring. 

It's not always necessary for you to have booked and paid ahead of the class, but we need to know you're coming.  


You can join the classes at any point in the year.

“Can I try out a class to see if I like it?” 

If you’ve never danced Flamenco before – or never taken one of our classes, you may want to try out one class to see if you like it, paying weekly for that first class, or maybe begin with one of our workshops.

Sometimes you need to attend more than one class to get an accurate feel for what the classes are like and to know if you’ll like them and of course you can continue to pay weekly (which might work better for you) or you can save money by paying for the whole course. 

“How do I pay?” 

We offer two prices for adult classes; you can pay for the full course on the first week it begins or you can pay weekly for each class. Paying for the full course is cheaper but if you can’t come every week you may prefer to pay weekly. If you pay weekly you MUST pay the teacher in cash at the beginning of the class (no cheque for weekly payments). 

If you are unable to attend classes you have already paid for, or decide that you do not wish to continue with classes, please note that we do NOT offer refunds under any circumstances. However, if WE cancel the class for any reason and you've already paid for it as part of your course, we offer you the choice of a refund or a replacement class (at the same price).

“What should I wear to class?” 

WOMEN should wear comfortable clothes that they can dance in and dress to sweat.

SKIRT: If you have a Flamenco dance skirt wear it.  Otherwise a long, wide skirt of any type.

SHOES: If you have Flamenco dance shoes wear them, but if you don’t have any just wear a pair of comfortable shoes with a small, low but strong heel. 

 NO open toes please,  no very high or stiletto heels, no fashion shoes which are difficult to dance in. NO TRAINERS PLEASE, no ballet shoes and no tap shoes. Comfortable, low heeled boots are a good option too. You'll soon realise that there's absolutely NO substitute for real Flamenco shoes. 

If you have long hair please tie it up for class.


WE SELL FLAMENCO SHOES - BOTH NEW & PRE-LOVED. Email us for more details.


MEN: should wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move easily and put your arms above your head. If you have Flamenco dance boots please wear them, but if you don’t have any don’t worry – any pair of shoes or ankle boots with a small, strong heel (like a short Cuban heel) will be fine. 

“What’s the difference between a course and a workshop?” 

A workshop is like a themed, one-off intensive dance class. It concentrates on a particular dance or a particular dance skill. Workshops can be a way for you to try Flamenco for the first time and you can expect to learn a whole dance over a workshop.

Our courses run following the school term, with breaks for half term, Easter, Christmas and summer. Each course will last 5-6 weeks but he dances taught in them will the taught over several months until they are complete and ready to perform.  So over courses you'll build up the dance, learning steps and gaining knowledge as you go.

“Does it matter how old I am?” 

Our adult students range in age from 16 – 76 and we welcome absolutely everyone. You don’t need to have danced before or have a high level of fitness; you just need to love dancing!

“What will I learn in the class?” 

In the classes you learn a dance appropriate to the ability and level of the class.

All the dances we teach are completely original choreography which have been created by the teacher.  This is normal in Flamenco.  Flamenco is a non-traditional dance form and there is no such thing as a "traditional step" although some steps and style have been around longer than others.  It's common misconception that Flamenco dance is "traditional".

Men and women dance Flamenco using the same style, technique and steps.  .

Every class will include tuition on all aspects of Flamenco dance including arms and hand movements, posture, footwork, turns and step sequences and this is built into the choreography teaching, together with work on your core body strength, line, footwork technique, compás and style.



“Can my child try out a class to see if they like it?” 

We actually prefer new children to come along and try out a class before registering for the term. By trying out one class they are able to see if they enjoy it and if Flamenco dance is right for them. We have “Taster Class Registration forms” and we’ll send this form to anyone interested in their child coming for a taster and then the child just comes along to try the class. A taster class is FREE. If they want to continue let us know and we’ll deduct the price of the taster class from the fees for the remainder of the term.

“How do I pay for the classes?” 

Parents have the choice of paying half termly or full each term, but all payments should be made no later than the first week of term or the first week of each half of term, if paying half termly. Payment should be made by BACS, by cheque or cash. We do not offer weekly payments for children’s classes and we don’t give discounts for classes the child misses or give refunds if your child leaves before the end of the term.

“What will my child learn in the class?” 

Each class will learn at least two different dances during an academic year at the correct level for each age group. In addition to the dances, each class will work on general Flamenco dance technique, which they incorporate into their dances. We expect the children to work hard in class, but we like to keep a happy, warm and friendly atmosphere where the children feel valued and supported. 

Children in the Ingreso class (for the youngest children) are taught differently. They use Flamenco photo cards to choose which dance activity they will do and we use enjoyable dancing games and repeated exercises to help them to learn the basics of Flamenco dance.

“Do you accept boys as well as girls?” 

We definitely accept boys as well as girls in our classes, though sadly few boys seem to want to dance Flamenco! Perhaps someone should tell them that the highest paid Flamenco dancers in the world are men!

“What are the ages in each class?” 

We give the school years as a guide for our classes, as this can be more helpful to parents than us giving ages. However, we have no hard and fast rules about ages – the important thing is that your child is in the best class for them. Some children mature more slowly than others and aren’t ready to move up to older classes and other children need to stay with their friends, so go up earlier.

“Do the children have the chance to perform?” 

Flamenco dance is very much about performance and in addition to the bi-annual theatre show which all our students take part in, we enter our children for dance competitions and they perform at local fundraising and community events. Our children have also danced at some of the larger and more famous summer festivals in the area.

“What should my child wear to class?” 

When a new child begins we don’t expect them to have Flamenco dance wear or Flamenco dance shoes, but we do sell everything they will need. We lend girls a Flamenco dance skirt for class until they have their own and they should wear hard soled school shoes for class until they have Flamenco dance shoes. When you are ready to buy a Camino del Flamenco uniform skirt and top and Flamenco shoes for them, speak to the Assistant teacher and she will let you know if we have any pre-loved uniforms available (we often do) and give you the catalogue and pricelist for new uniforms and shoes. Please don’t buy cheap shoes from the Internet!

“How do I register my child for classes?” 

Once your child has had their free taster class, contact us to let us know they’d like to continue and we will post or email you a registration form. Fill it in and return it to us by post (together with your term payment) or email it to us and pay by BACS, or bring it with you to the next class together with your payment.

“What will my child need for class?” 

What your child needs for their classes will depend on the dance that they are learning. We often use Flamenco dance accessories in their dances, as the children enjoy this. We sell all the accessories, which are 

bought in Spain, are top quality and we sell them onto parents at wholesale prices. Once your child has joined the class we will email you to let you know what they will need for their dances that year and until they have bought them, we will lend them whatever they need.

“Camino del Flamenco children’s uniforms” 

We lend Flamenco skirts for children to wear in class until they buy their uniform and we also sell good condition pre-loved uniforms skirts/tops. We also sell children’s Camino del Flamenco t-shirts and vests and, of course, Flamenco shoes. Our uniforms are made to measure (if you buy new) and your child can choose from 3 styles and from our large fabric selection (fabric is bought in Spain). We also sell top quality Flamenco shoes from Sevilla at a discounted price, plus we sell all the accessories that you child may need for their classes. Everything is provided by our buyer in Spain and is of the same quality that Spanish children use for their classes.

“Do you accept children with additional needs?” 

We happily accept children with additional needs, but owing to the nature of what we are teaching they must have the ability to dance Flamenco, to learn step sequences and follow the teacher’s instructions. If you’re not sure if your child would get on well in our classes, why not bring them along for a taster class and speak to the teachers about your child’s particular needs?

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