Something amazing

Everyone should do something amazing at least once a year. Something that challenges you, excites you and something that you'll remember for years to come.

It would be pretty amazing to travel to Spain and take a Flamenco dance course in the home of Flamenco during the Feria. In May Flamenco Holidays are running an extraordinary Flamenco dance holiday where you have a class every day with Ana Dueñas León and after go to the Feria de los Caballos where you can dance, drink and have a wonderful time to your heart's content.

If you read my blog "Dancing Sevillanas - a sad tale" and imagine you're anyone other than Daphne, you'll have a pretty good idea of what your holiday will be like. But just in case you can't imagine what it would be like or why you ought to go - or why it would just plain be so amazing, let me help you out...........

Jerez de la Frontera is a magical town at Feria time. It's annual Feria which is at the beginning of May is one of the oldest and most popular Ferias in Spain. It's called Feria de los Caballos (The Horse Feria) because of the fabulous parades of beautiful horses which you can see all day. Horses and riders, horses and carriages, and beautiful white dancing horses. On top of this you have mile after mile of little casetas, each with their own bar and dance floor. Some with live music and some with recorded music. Thousands and thousands of people dancing Sevillanas and Rumbas, drinking sherry, chilled wine and cold beer. Fabulous Sevillanas costumes turn the huge Feria ground into a sort of Flamenco wonderland.

Every day you have your Flamenco dance class where you learn and improve so much mainly because you're having a class every day, but also because you are there in the beating heart and homeland of Flamenco. After your class there are the delicious tapas which can be found in every bar on every street. Of course you might want to stock up on Flamenco essentials in the gorgeous Flamenco dance shops, or maybe you'll just want to go back to you cool room lined with traditional tiles and get your head down for a little siesta as you know you'll be staying up late that night!

From late morning to VERY early morning the next day the Feria calls to you to come and be part of it, to dance and dance and dance. To drink, chat and laugh. To enjoy the parade of amazing horses, to see the live Flamenco shows and maybe catch one of those unique and unforgettable Flamenco moments which can happen in a small caseta crowded with gypsy Flamencos in the early hours.

It's not really a case of why should you go - it's more a case of why on earth would you NOT want to go?

You can find more details of this holiday on the Flamenco Holiday website and if you contact us we can also send you more information and booking details. As you can imagine the holiday is booking up fast, but there are still a few places left for anyone who doesn't just want a Flamenco dance holiday - they want something amazing!

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